IMHO – Example of the Effects of Court Rules on Due Process

What Effect do Court Rules have on Due Process?

Example from PA TItle 42 -Rules of Civil Procedure

As you can see- they block discovery in support matters, custody and protection from abuse - unless you get permission from the judge.. of course of you are pro se you will most likely  not get this permission.  The courts are deciding to override the legislated discovery rules.

Rule 1930.5. Discovery in Domestic Relations Matters.

(a)  There shall be no discovery in a simple support, custody or Protection from Abuse proceeding unless authorized by order of … Continue Reading ››

High Conflict Divorce or Stalking By Way of Family Court?

The Empowerment of a Wealthy Abuser in Family Court Litigation

Linda v. Lyle - A Case Study

T. J. Sutherland, R.N., B.S.N., P.H.N., J.D.
Published: 2004

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Virtually all coverage of high-conflict divorce assumes both parents are the source of the conflict.[1] Blame is assigned solely and equally to the parents in essentially all cases without much analysis. However, if one party is abusive and sufficiently wealthy to fund
on-going litigation, the Domestic Court may be ideally suited to the spurned mate's agenda.[2] The systematic assertion of 'dominion and control' via Family Court litigation would superficially mimic a high-conflict divorce because there would be ongoing

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Why The Founding Fathers Left Religion Out of the Political Equation

napoleanWhile their texts are laced with religious references  and spirituality- you rarely see the founding fathers  announce their gods by name.  Freedom of religion was one of the guarantees of the Constitution.. and imposing their own beliefs would have made them appear hypocritical and damaged their credibility.

They used lessons learned from the countries of their times,  from which they separated in Europe.   Napolean said "religion is the only thing that keeps the poor from killing the rich."  Similary, in modern times, Marx said "religion is the opiate of the people." Both these … Continue Reading ››

Absolute Immunity -and I am Not talking about the Flu

Nero played the fiddle while Rome burned.. and FB friends post pies while our court system infrastructure is in a moral bankruptcy. I love when people say “well, its always been that way.” Well, it was in Syria, Iran and Egypt until bloody revolutions broke out. Something that everyone needs to educate themselves on.. and it is the single most dangerous threat to future generations, but is alive and well in Amerika, is the bar association imposed protection for themselves of “absolute immunity” for judges.