IMHO – Example of the Effects of Court Rules on Due Process


What Effect do Court Rules have on Due Process?

Example from PA TItle 42 -Rules of Civil Procedure

As you can see- they block discovery in support matters, custody and protection from abuse – unless you get permission from the judge.. of course of you are pro se you will most likely  not get this permission.  The courts are deciding to override the legislated discovery rules.

Rule 1930.5. Discovery in Domestic Relations Matters.

(a)  There shall be no discovery in a simple support, custody or Protection from Abuse proceeding unless authorized by order of court.

(b)  Discovery shall be available without leave of court in accordance with R.C.P. 4001 et seq. in alimony, equitable distribution, counsel fee and expense and complex support proceedings.


The provisions of this Rule 1930.5 adopted May 5, 1997, effective July 1, 1997, 27 Pa.B. 2532; amended March 9, 1998, effective July 1, 1998, 28 Pa.B. 1391; amended June 5, 2001, effective immediately, 31 Pa.B. 3306. Immediately preceding text appears at serial page (267805).

High Conflict Divorce or Stalking By Way of Family Court?


The Empowerment of a Wealthy Abuser in Family Court Litigation

Linda v. Lyle - A Case Study

T. J. Sutherland, R.N., B.S.N., P.H.N., J.D.
Published: 2004

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Virtually all coverage of high-conflict divorce assumes both parents are the source of the conflict.[1] Blame is assigned solely and equally to the parents in essentially all cases without much analysis. However, if one party is abusive and sufficiently wealthy to fund
on-going litigation, the Domestic Court may be ideally suited to the spurned mate's agenda.[2] The systematic assertion of 'dominion and control' via Family Court litigation would superficially mimic a high-conflict divorce because there would be ongoing

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Why The Founding Fathers Left Religion Out of the Political Equation


napoleanWhile their texts are laced with religious references  and spirituality- you rarely see the founding fathers  announce their gods by name.  Freedom of religion was one of the guarantees of the Constitution.. and imposing their own beliefs would have made them appear hypocritical and damaged their credibility.

They used lessons learned from the countries of their times,  from which they separated in Europe.   Napolean said “religion is the only thing that keeps the poor from killing the rich.”  Similary, in modern times, Marx said “religion is the opiate of the people.” Both these quotes refer to the strategy of using propaganda to control or create a  mass consciousness, allowing leaders or a ruling class i.e. oligarchy, to enrich themselves and inflict their own standards of how the other half should live.

 While historians are starting to doubt that Marie Antoinette actually said “if they don’t have bread let them eat cake” it probably was not far off of  her attitude.  Don’t be fooled by words that are used to pacify and appease you, to further someone elses agenda. We see how well that is working out in the Arab countries, with all their oil money, most of the people still live third world lives centered around religion.  But without fail, the masses eventually get angry, and look for outsiders to blame their problems on.

Religion is personal. It belongs in the home, in your religious institution of your choice, and with family.  And that is how this country has managed to get as far as it has, while the rest of the countries continually falls off the wall and have to be put back together again. It cannot be stressed enough just how well thought out and constructed our Constitution is… however, it is ironic that so many “constitutionalists” bring religion into it, which really spoils the spirit of the movement.

Should Pennsylvania Senator Greenleaf Be Impeached?





 Montgomery County, PA

Chairman of the Judiciary Committee for over 25 years

He claims on his website that “As Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, I work to ensure that we continue to hold public hearings to guide policy responding to critical issues within Pennsylvania’s courts, law enforcement agencies and criminal justice system.  My commitment is to ensure the safety and security of all Pennsylvanians and to recommend to the Senate fair and balanced legislation that will deliver justice. “

The only thing green about this Senator are his pockets, apparently.  Greenleaf has been the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee  for 25 years.   Below are  Senator Greeneleaf’s contributors to his election campaigns which can be found on these sites. – All of Greenleaf’s contributors  are bar associations, large law firms and attorneys. I would think this would be recognized as a major conflict of interest in holding the position of Chair of the Judiciary Committee.

Representative Matt Baker of Cumberland County has tried for years to get House Bill 717, to stop the fleecing of Americans through the  family courts.  The family courts are a $50 billion a year industry nationwide, full of collusion between ruthless judges and attorneys, that extort assets and destroy families.  The following is a link to what Greenleaf claims are his legislative accomplishments for court reform- not one item suggests or effects the oversight or profits of attorneys and/or  judges:

Court reform under Senator Greenleaf

If you are not familiar with the legislative process, it is not as democratic as most people imagine.  Both the House of Representatives and the Senate have Judiciary Committees.  A bill can start in either committee, however, each committee has a Chairman.  The Chairmen actually filter what bills the other committee members will even see. It appears Greenleaf  has been actively obstructing court reform the entire time. 

He claims he is going to hold public hearings?  In his entire time in office there have been no public hearings per se, and recently a dozen people called the Capitol to open the Judiciary Committee to public forums.  None of those people have received return calls.

I met with Greenleaf in 2011, and questioned his ethics.  I discussed my entrapment of eight years in court in his district,  but mainly he was talking about all the wonderful things he’s supposedly done- none of which even came close to real court reform.  I gave him the below list of items that are REAL court reform to read at his leisure, and a copy of two books- the Luzerne County Railroad (written by a friend before the Kids for Cash Scandal) and a copy of The Fraternity:  Judges and Lawyers in Collusion by a Superior Court Judge named John Malloy- who passed away in 2008.  If you have never read it you should.. it really puts into words the mechanisms by which  we are all being defrauded by the courts- it’s basically a death bed confession.

These amounts in the downloadable file below, are  those that were made public- but who can tell what other fringe benefits he has received over the years with this amount of powerful supporters.  His own son -Elliot Greenleaf Jr. has a law firm, where  the Senator quietly works..a clear conflict of interest as the Chairman of Judiciary Committee in Pennsylvania! His son Stewart Jr. is the Montgomery County Controller.  Its easy to win an office when Dad can fund your campaign.

The following is a link to his impotent Judicial Conduct Board reform bill– as grandstanding after the Kids for Cash scandal. I think Greenleaf could use some Viagra.





Unprecedented Meeting with the PA JCB


Pennsylvania Court Watch meets with Pennsylvania Judicial Conduct Board Concerning Unconstitutional Treatment and Dismissals of Meritorious Complaints of Judicial Misconduct

Through the efforts of Diane Gochin of  Pennsylvania Court Watch, the Pennsylvania Judicial Conduct Board (JCB)  agreed to meet with her  on June 7, 2013,  concerning petitions sent  to the JCB on behalf of a dozen  Pennsylvania citizens from across the Commonwealth,  concerning inaction and dismissal of meritorious complaints of judicial misconduct.  Diane had requested a joint meeting with the other Pennsylvanians who petitioned the JCB for action, but the Board agreed to meet only with her at this time.

Diane’s complaints of judicial misconduct are against two Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas Judges (one was a  petitioner in the recently-rejected challenge to the constitutionality of the mandatory retirement provision of Pennsylvania Constitution Article 5), over her divorce proceeding, which has been allowed to linger  for over 6 years without even getting to the issue of equitable distribution, despite Diane’s repeated efforts and requests.  The gravamen of her complaints is that these judges are favoring members of the  county bar association, and taking actions that are specifically intended to augment the amount of fees they are generating from her case,  to the detriment of Diane and her children.

During the meeting, which was with four members of the JCB, Diane very passionately, but very appropriately, described to the Board the ravaging effects that the judicial misconduct was having on the futures of her children, one of whom is disabled.   She was very adamant that the apparent abnegation of the functions of the Board, and their dismissal of complaints without any apparent consideration or deliberation whatsoever, was uniformly being experienced by the others with whom she has networked concerning these issues.  A repeated theme  conveyed throughout  her address to JCB, is  that this creating a crisis of confidence of all Pennsylvania citizens in the Courts of this Commonwealth.  In an open letter to the numerous others with whom she has united concerning pursuit of an open meeting with the JCB , Diane described her experience as follows:

“Update the Petitions to the Judicial Conduct Board:  Although we had petitioned for an open forum with the Judicial Conduct Board, they would not provide that option at this time.  However, on June 7th, 2013 I was given the unusual, but very much appreciated opportunity to address [four] members of the JCB at their office in Harrisburg. The [four] members were the Chief Counsel Robert Graci, Superior Court Judge Ann Lazarus, [Elizabeth Flaherty,] and a non-attorney member- Mr. McLaughlin.

 I was given a generous amount of time to present my cases, up to an hour and fifteen minutes, but wrapped it up in only 45 minutes.  While I did most of the talking, and the Board members declined to say much of anything, I did come away feeling I had enlightened them to the public discontent with the entire judicial system in Pennsylvania.  One comment by a Board member that I want to address was a very much expected one, and was made by Superior Court Judge Ann Lazarus. – She expressed her concern that I did not understand the authority and powers of the JCB.

The problem for the JCB is that we do understand, and I was very vocal in letting them know that the real problem is that they are not utilizing these power to protect the public.  Instead I stated that they are not doing their jobs, and that they have let the public down. The authority and powers invested in the JCB are being concealed  through intentional distortion of interpretations and misrepresentations of  laws,  by the collective conscious of the indoctrinating and  oppressive influence of the state and county bar associations. I want to assure all of you that I was adamant that they contact each of you who signed a petition and which were sitting on the table in front of them during my meeting.

I focused my diatribe not just on my own cases, but on the severe problems with the judicial process e.g. racketeering by protracting of cases to bleed assets, guardian ad litem and CPS scams, etc.  I  held back nothing and spoke to them candidly letting them know that they are directly responsible for the destruction of many families and lives- both economically and emotionally, because of their inaction and negligence.  I asked them if their children got to go to college- because that was stolen from my children by the courts; I asked them if they were enjoying their fancy houses and cars- things that were stolen from me, and from many people whom I have met over these last few years, trying to bring attention to the fact that this branch of government has been infiltrated by organized crime.

One very positive result is that they invited me to resubmit my complaints against two judges- from 2009 and 2010.  I am working on revising them,  and hope to resubmit them early this week.  I will keep you updated on the outcome.  I am attaching two documents for you to read.  One is the 2011 recommendations of Pennsylvania for Modern Courts with which the Board has not complied; and the other is their internal operating procedures. It would be useful to you to familiarize yourself with these and with the Canons of Judicial Conduct, if you have not already, as the goal here is to have all of you receive a review of complaints that you previously had dismissed by the JCB, and for them to agree to an open public forum, with member of the state legislature.”

Diane will be resubmitting her complaints, and  expects to be taking further actions in the near future to continue the efforts to petition the JCB to address the concerns of the many others who have been victims of “the system,” with specific proposals as to how to address and correct it.  We will, of course, keep you updated on all these efforts, and with information as to how you can participate.

Thank you.

Absolute Immunity -and I am Not talking about the Flu

Nero played the fiddle while Rome burned.. and FB friends post pies while our court system infrastructure is in a moral bankruptcy. I love when people say “well, its always been that way.” Well, it was in Syria, Iran and Egypt until bloody revolutions broke out. Something that everyone needs to educate themselves on.. and it is the single most dangerous threat to future generations, but is alive and well in Amerika, is the bar association imposed protection for themselves of “absolute immunity” for judges.

In fact, it is a concept taken from the ancient monarchies of England which declares that “the king can do no wrong.” In other words, your teenage son can be pulled over for a minor traffic violation, and if the judge doesn’t happen to like you, he can sentence your child to jail, with malicious intent to harm your child. And even if it is determined that the judge acted out of misconduct- he cannot be prosecuted, gets to keep his place on the bench and still gets his pension.. While you will not only lose tens of thousands of dollars trying to bring your child home, but the suffering of your child will never be compensated nor will this lawyer wearing a black wizards robe sitting on a throne,, ever suffer any repercussions..

They have absolutely no threat of ever being prosecuted for anything they do in the course of a judicial process.. EVER. And this needs to end.. there is no place for Kings and Queens in a America.. And this why I have been actively supporting Andy Ostrowski for U.S. Congress. He was a Civil Rights lawyer who was suspended, because of his website and for his site, that addresses the court corruption.

The only way this will end is if the Federal government steps in.. and they last time they did this was back in the 60’s during the Civil Rights movement..when there WAS violence in the streets. So you can keep posting food while the rest of us fight the fight…so that your kids and grand kids might be able to still be protected by the Bill of Rights and have free speech and due process in the courts.. like we did when we were partying back in the 60’s and 70s. Because as of today- those freedoms no longer exist.

But there is one thing just as dangerous to our descendents as absolute judicial immunity…and that is apathy. And guess what folks.. this is another major Civil Rights movement..