Horrendous Murder-Suicide: Another Family Falls Victim to the Pennsylvania Courts

BrokenScalesUpdate April 8, 2015:  It has since been confirmed that this was a murder suicide, and that Mr. Peppelman turned the chainsaw on himself, after killing his ex-wife.  Funeral services were held last week, at the Bryn Athyn Cathedral.

 The Peppelman's have three children, all under the age of 14.  One of the younger children found his parents and called 911. It is confirmed that this was a highly contentious domestic relations issue, whereby the police had been called to the residence multiple times.  It is odd … Continue Reading ››

PA Supreme Court Decision Should Be the Basis to Challenge Judicial Immunity and Self-Recusal

Pennsylvania is the state to watch, with its ongoing  major challenges  to  jurisdiction in our courts,  through what apparently started as a political agenda, against  the State Attorney General Kathleen Kane.  The Pennsylvania Supreme Court is the first  and oldest in the country- the birthplace of democracy, with the most precedent set.   It is ironic that it is also the venue of one of the worst cases of judicial corruption in the country- The Kids for Cash Scandal;  and now that same Judicial Branch is  imposing its dubious power to try to  exceed their jurisdiction, and retain control of the government.

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The Groping Judge – Federal Case Survives Against the U.S.

punch Page printed from: The Legal Intelligencer
Suit Survives Against US Over Judge Accused of GropingMax Mitchell, The Legal Intelligencer March 27, 2015 A federal judge has given a woman who was allegedly groped by an administrative law judge a second chance at filing a civil suit against the United States for failing to protect against the alleged assaults. U.S. District Judge Robert D. Mariani of the Middle District of Pennsylvania on Thursday dismissed plaintiff Florence Gaffney’s suit for failure to state a claim against the government, but ultimately granted her leave … Continue Reading ››

The Untouchables – The Judiciary in America


The Judicial Branch Has Cut Itself Off From the Public and the Government

“Judicial Branch” is in reference to all lawyers, including those that function as judges.  The Judicial Branch in this country is completely unaccountable to the people. This is particularly dangerous because they have the ultimate power to control the legislature.  They are currently operating in the same manner, as every country that has ended up in volatile revolutionary status.

Thousands of people, if not tens of thousands, are being denied due process.  These … Continue Reading ››

Propaganda From The Legal Intelligencer on Family Court


Family Law and the Pennsylvania Supreme Court James R. Nixon Jr. 03/24/2015

In a perfect world, divorce, custody and support proceedings would wrap up at the trial court level, and the parties involved could move on to the next chapter of their lives. As all family law practitioners are too well aware, though, many cases can drag on for quite some time, due to unique case complexities, court scheduling backlogs and contentious situations among parties. Delays in the process are not only difficult for the parties involved … Continue Reading ››

Bar Association Claims of Non Profit Doubtful


The biggest problem litigants often have is Pro Se (representing oneself) discrimination.  We often hear that people lose their homes and life savings from lawsuits.  The illusion here is that one party in a lawsuit loses, and has to pay the other party.   The fact is that people are financially devastated from attorney’s fees- not from the opposing parties.  Without a lawyer, no matter how skilled you are at writing and research, you will be victimized by unavoidable bias and collusion.  This is inevitable in a system that allows judges to serve in courts where they have already worked for decades.

We vote judges into office at the Common Pleas level without really knowing how they will perform.  This is the level where your assets are most vulnerable and accessible  to  the courthouse opportunists.  After being guaranteed a job for ten years, with “sovereign immunity” protecting them against liability for misconduct, judges more often than not, become at best arrogant, and at worst corrupt. Attorneys who come before them every day in Court are their friends and colleagues. If you cannot afford to hire one of these attorneys, you are out of luck.   No better illustration of this was the “Kids for Cash” scandal  at the Common Pleas level of Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.


At least not if you have ever paid taxes.  After trying to find a pro bono (volunteer) lawyer, and contacting numerous “legal aid” societies, I found that help did not really exist- at least not if you had any assets to lose.  Most of these “nonprofit” services provide about one hour per month of services for each client. I tried numerous organizations such as the Pennsylvania Bar, the Montgomery County Bar and the Legal Aid society. I was told that basically I needed a real lawyer, and therefore did not qualify for any free or pro bono services. Nor did I qualify for reduced fees. I was given no reason- no forms to fill out for eligibility—nothing.

These organizations only help you after you have nothing left to lose.  Most only do such innocuous filings such as uncontested divorces, and filing for government entitlements for the indigent and welfare recipients. I started to research the insanity of this and was more than appalled by what I found and also just how our elected officials are failing at addressing these issues. 


Look Up Salaries and Revenue of Your Favorite Bar Association or Other Non Profit Here:




A prime example is a “nonprofit” organization called the “National Center for State Courts.”   They reported in 2009 on their IRS Form 990 having received $11,184,843 - the majority of which was grants from taxpayer dollars.   Not one citizen was helped by their organization- well at least not in this country. This organization paid $5,433,125 for “justice reform” in Europe (including Iceland and Greenland).  They spent $2,646,885 in the Middle East and Africa, along with millions more sent to a total of seven countries outside the U.S totally $9,804,592.  

They also list nine “independent contractors” of “justice reform” who received more than $100,000 each- with some very notable expenditures:  over $241,000 was paid to some fellow named Phillippe Lamarche in Beirut; $608,180 to another “nonprofit” Amid east in Washington, DC and $226,482 for “contract services” to the Hay Group in Jakarta India.  The Form 990 revealed this organization had over $32 million in revenue- mostly from federal, state and other government contracts.  They then shelled out $15 million dollars in salaries and other compensations for the attorneys that work for them.

Perhaps the most well known attorney nonprofit is the American Bar Association. They are the blanket organization for all the Bar Associations across America.  The Pennsylvania Bar Association  had $8 Million in revenue in 2011, and are tax exempt.  I was told to call them to find a lawyer.  I found lots of lawyers there at $200 to $500 an  hour.  Or they will allow you to put their name on your house.

How many Americans go without legal representation each year?  It would be difficult to estimate, because many families just give up. They lose their homes, they lose tuition saved to put their children through college, and they lose their retirement funds. Many people will be affected by a loss due to the legal system- a mechanical failure perpetuated by conflicts of interest of your elected officials- most of whom are attorneys. 

Judicial Merit Selection Will Not Work

The merit selection is definitely NOT the answer to ending judicial corruption and ensuring impartial tribunals.  Merit selection will not stop backroom deals and other favors to get on the bench. The only thing that will rescue the justice system in Pennsylvania, from the clutches of the organized crime family that controls it today- is intense oversight in every county.
Ombudsman or civilian advocates, paralegals or other trained individuals who have NO AFFILIATION with the local bar associations,  must be given the power to carry out the … Continue Reading ››

Judge Claims Attorney Generals Cannot Investigate Themselves – But Judges Can?

crownblackThere is an excerpt  below from an article in the Nation's oldest legal publication, the Legal Intelligencer, that is now owned by Apax Partners LLP, a UK-based private equity and venture capital firm, headquartered in London, England. It appears we are still a colony run by the monarchy.  This is also probably why our court venues are still modeled by the archaic system in England, from which we supposedly separated in 1776.  Our system still includes "sovereign immunity" in the form of "judicial immunity" taken from the concept that "the king can … Continue Reading ››

Public Advocacy for Judicial Accountability

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