Judicial Branch Continues to Fight for Secrecy -Overruling Governor in RTK – A Problem Throughout the Country

The Legal Intelligencer has just reported that the head of the Right to Know office has been reinstated in Pennsylvania. New Governor Tom Wolf had removed him as soon as he was elected this year, on a campaign platform of government transparency.  This ruling obviously is related to incriminating cell phone records being released in Centre County that exposed improper communications between two judges and a district attorney.

What the majority of Americans may not understand is how dangerous the doctrine of judicial review is, which has allowed this ruling..please … Continue Reading ››

The Biggest Fraud Ever on the American Public?

MemeWilliam-Shakespeare-007Shakespeare could never have imagined anything this sinister. The Bernie Madoff ponzi scheme will be dwarfed by this fraud, once the mainstream media is forced to submit to the public's exposing that our third branch of government is operating as a racketeering crime syndicate.  It is  controlled by the American Bar Association, whose members are every judge and lawyer in the country.

Since the early 1970s, lawyers have gained complete independence from oversight, implementing  their own "rules" outside of legislation, to  restructure the court system into a commercial corporation; it is no … Continue Reading ››