Dumb and Dumber

This is just insane. I have to say that after 9 years being involved in court reform, I have seen cases where women just do not want to go back to work after being full time mothers. They often apply for disability. And the pattern is clear because most of their claims are fibromyalgia and other difficult to detect illnesses At the same time, men suddenly lose their jobs at the beginning of divorces. If they were self employed, they suddenly go out of business. It isnt hard for the court to recognize these tactics either. But they … Continue Reading ››

Pennsylvania Got Punked

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In an article on Philly.com on November 15, 2015, regarding the ongoing judicial calamity in the Pennsylvania Court System, ethics expert Geoffrey C. Hazard Jr., an emeritus professor at the University of Pennsylvania Law School, took aim at the Judicial Conduct Board's  position that its proceedings are confidential. "It is a little paradoxical that a board constituted to create greater transparency and trust in the judiciary is itself quite untransparent," he said. Pennsylvania citizens did not need an Ivy League law professor … Continue Reading ››

Police Have No Right to Take Your Cell Phone

This ruling in Pennsylvania Superior Court may come in handy one day.

Commonwealth v. Wright, 99 A.3d 565 (Pa. Super. Aug. 29, 2014): per Stabile, J., held that the "plain view doctrine did not operate to justify warrantless seizure of defendant's [cell phone]." Under the Fourth Amendment and Article I, § 8 of the Pennsylvania Constitution, "plain view doctrine permits a warrantless seizure if . . .1) [the] police did not violate the Fourth Amendment during the course of their arrival at the location where they viewed the item in question; 2) the item was not … Continue Reading ››