What Right Do the Attorney Professional Associations Have Writing Our Laws?

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For decades, the “non-profit” attorney unions aka “bar associations, have been writing the court procedural rules, which have the effect of laws.  The “rules” are not approved by the legislative branches of government.  They construct them to maximize profit for their legal industry, which has essentially replaced the justice system.

The modern court procedural rules concocted by the Bar since 1970, contain provisions that have virtually eliminated jury trials, and target self-represented and indigent parties for immediate dismissal of their lawsuits, at both the state and federal levels.

For example, these two rules are direct violations of the U.S. Constitution Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments that guarantee equal treatment and access to the law:  F.R.C.P. 14  that targets indigent (informa pauperis)  parties and in Pennsylvania this rule targets self-represented (pro sePa.R.C.P. 233.

Both the civil and criminal venues have been affected. In the civil courts, parties that have been the most devastated are in the family courts- which have nothing to do with divorce as most people assume. The family courts have one purpose; extortion of personal assets.  And we have all seen the increasing number of inmates being released through the Innocence Project- who had their lives wasted away for the profit of others.

Would you allow the insurance industries, medical associations or construction unions write the laws in this country for your healthcare and road safety? Many feel they already are, but that is also a result of the disgraceful lobbying laws that have been inserted by these very same bar associations.

It is time for the people of this country to demand that the court system be investigated for the racketeering that has been taking place “under color of law.” Only through a massive public movement targeting elected officials,  most of whom are members of these very bar associations, will this country survive.

It does not appear that the mainstream media will assist, as they cannot publish anything that does not go through a battery of lawyers before approval.  Do not wait until your life is destroyed by these self-serving individuals who have taken control of our justice system. Get involved with local groups – there are many across the country that need your support.

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